AMP with PolarFire SoC

Together with our partners Arrow and Microchip, we offer the continuation of our webinar series "Introduction to PolarFire® SoC" with our second online presentation "AMP with PolarFire® SoC". The presentation will be held on Tuesday, 25th May 2021 from 9 to 11 am CET. The contents include introducing PolarFire® SoCs configurable memory architecture and memory protection, and partitioning to blend Linux and hard real-time tasks using Asymmetric Multicore Processing (AMP). Full details and registration information here

Microchip Harmony PIC32 Bootloader

We were recently tasked with developing a new boot loader system on a Microchip PIC32MZ device. While Microchip offer useful bootloader functionality and libraries for use with the platform, we still contended with an older third-party closed source bootloader that had been used up to this point. We thought we’d share our experience with you here and talk about how we replaced the old bootloader over ethernet, without a programmer.

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Linux UIO for Microchip FPGA Designs

Do you want to quickly prototype a new FPGA device from Linux?

The Linux kernel provides a userspace I/O subsystem (UIO), originally written by Han J. Koch which enables you to write a simple driver almost entirely in userspace with only the very shell of the driver written in the kernel. The kernel uses a character device and sysfs to interact with a userspace process. Your user-space program can open, memory map the hardware's registers into userspace, and perform IO operations with. The userspace program can also use the device to check for interrupts.

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How we ran a Multi-Layer Perceptron and ResNet-20 with the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit on RISC-V

Figure 1 - SiFive/Microsemi HiFive Unleased Expansion Platform

At Emdalo Technologies, we specialize in Artificial Intelligence solutions at the Edge.

Over the past year or two, we decided to explore RISC-V, the free and open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that’s taking the semiconductor industry by storm. In particular, we were curious about how we would use this architecture with some of our Edge AI solutions.

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Computer Vision and Image Analysis course

Emdalo Technologies has partnered with Microsoft to produce an online course on Computer Vision and Image Analysis. The course content is finalized and we've just finished up recording the video segments of the modules. We've really enjoyed our four days of filming at Microsoft, especially day four in the Treehouse. Thanks Andrew Byrne for being a great host. We're looking forward to seeing the final results!