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Microchip Design Partner

Emdalo Technologies is proud to be an authorized design and training partner of Microchip Technology. Emdalo specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.

We have experience across a wide variety of Microchip technologies, from various PIC® architectures (PIC16 and PIC24s to PIC32 (MIPS)) to ARM® (SAM-D devices) and RISC-V® RV64 (PolarFire SoC FPGAs).

We are also a member of the Mi-V Ecosystem and Mi-V Embedded Experts Network.

At Emdalo, we specialize in delivering solutions in Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, AI, Information Security and IIoT applications. We offers various design services around FPGA and Embedded development.

Our company has a very experienced team of software designers with a strong pedigree in developing software and firmware for clients in Computer Engineering, Semiconductor, Industrial, Automotive and Consumer sectors.

Our embedded expertise includes bare metal firmware, U-Boot and Linux® porting and device drivers, and custom applications. Our machine learning expertise includes ideation and developing proof-of-concept solutions and porting these to embedded platforms for productisation.

We offer comprehensive software consulting and bespoke development services.

Contact us today at to find out about how we can design your next Microchip based solution. We are happy to chat and explore how we can assist in any way!


Aries Technology Partner

ARIES Embedded, located in the Munich area, provides professional solutions in the area of Embedded Systems. With a dedicated team of experts they serve customers worldwide in various markets as Automation Technology, Industry, Medicine Technology, Farming and Space Applications.

Based on leading edge technology ARIES Embedded helps with innovative solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of the customer's products. The services and building blocks offered cover the entire life cycle of an embedded device.

We are proud to be a technology partner of Aries Embedded, offering omprehensive software consulting and bespoke development services for Linux running on their SOMs and FPGA Evaluation solutions.

Contact us today at to find out about how we can design your next Aries Embedded based solution. We are happy to chat and explore how we can assist in any way!

Contact ARIES Embedded at ARIES Embedded GmbH, Schöngeisinger Str. 8, D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany +49(0)8141/36 36 7-0

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What people say

we have been very satisfied with the work of the team and the way in which you have fulfilled the tasks assigned...
I couldn't recommend Emdalo Technologies more highly. They are valued partners and I have used them extensively on mission-critical projects.
You are a very strong team... You have excellent and relevant knowledge and complementary skills...
The skills, experience, flexibility and professionalism of your team has made it a great and fun experience working with all of you.
Emdalo Technologies is a very capable team. The team is helping us with all aspects of our development activities.